How can Relationship Books Help? – My Own Opinion

It can be overwhelming when you’re looking for a relationship book, because there are so many on amazon and other individual sites.

  • When you have difficulties on dating, there are books teach you how to date.
  • When your boyfriend or girlfriend breaks up with you, there are books teach you how to get your ex back.
  • When your marriage is in a crisis, there are books teach you how to save your marriage
  • …etc.

relationship booksThere are actually books solving almost all kinds of issues in dating and relationship. However, do they really work? If people can just buy a couple of books to save their relationships, why there are breakups? Why the divorce statistics is increasing? I’m not saying these books are useless. In fact, many of these books I read are very good.

I have read about 20 relationship books in the past two years. Almost every book has solid information that I think it’s helpful. However, some information is workable for me and some information is not. Honestly, it depends on your situation. Sometimes, a bestseller book by a relationship expert may not solve your specific problems, but a book written by unknown author may sound like just written for you.

When should you read relationship book?

Don’t think these books are just for people having relationship problems. Many people look for relationship books or asking for suggestions on forums only when their relationships are in serious problems. If you are already in a serious problem, it’s a little bit late to read those books. Why not to spend time to learn from those relationship books and avoid problems before they happen.

Fortunately, I started to read relationship books 5 years ago before I got married. Although those books didn’t help me to get rid of every single problem, they helped my wife and I go through a lot of difficulties.

My suggestion is don’t wait until your relationship is in trouble. Even if you’re in a great relationship, read some relationship books and learn what problems could happen in relationship and how to prevent them. Treat your relationship like your business. Would you start to learn business when your business is in a problem?

Another point I want to remind you is “Reading relationship books won’t help your relationship, you must take action to practice the information you learned”. If you have communication problems, you learn how men and women communicate differently. What’s more important is you can actually think from your partner’s perspective.

Before I stop typing, I want to say it again: “Don’t wait until issues arise, learn as much as you can about relationship and keep improving it.”

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